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Birth Of An Addiction

November 7, 2012

Addiction is born when we forget our true goals here on earth. We start walking the wrong paths, we start doing the wrong things. We start yearning for the wrong satisfactions. Then powers embedded in us kicks in and start working tirelessly to return us to our path.

When we fall into oblivion in human body, we need to learn everything from the beginning. Our progress depends on many conditions: our mental and spiritual development, our determination, parents attitude  and our environment. Sometimes we want to explore paths which were not meant for us.

As we learn and feel new experiences, some of the ways might be repeated when encouraged by unresolved mental issues, such as old patterns embedded in us, concsious or unconcious trauma which,  a reward like some kind of pleasure, relaxation, or external – usually peer pressure.

Sometimes the addiction is kind of path for releasing painful issues we keep inside, and converting them to a short time pleasure. For example someone find himself compelled to return to a sort of “abnormal” or a exaggerated sexual habit which give a perceived pleasure releasing pressure that the unresolved issues inside him creates. The problem is that the issues will return again and again and push us to the same habits which become compulsive and annoying.

As the behavior is repeated a pattern is created in our mind, it can be new one or old pattern which is awakened. This pattern is like waterway which is becoming deeper and wider as we carried away flowing through it. In the beginning this behavior usually carry some kind of amusement, reward or pleasure, though it is short satisfaction it can be powerful and very appealing.

When this waterway is becoming deeper and wider it start to consume our energy, thoughts, feelings, money, time and attention. The attractiveness of this waterway is increasing many folds, and we find ourselves flowing in the mighty river without control.

The new way can be anything: certain sort of sex, chemicals such as cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, excessive food, chewing gum, watching TV, or any behavior which is done in excessive manner.

Loss of control is the most prominent sign of addiction. Usually we are denying this loss, and delude ourselves we can stop whenever we want. The disregarding of our addiction only allows its flourishing. Many times we are too afraid to admit that a narrow habit took control over us. Continuing with our habit, the waterway is becoming even bigger, wider, deeper, our entire lives can wash away through this addiction.

If we were not lucky enough to awake previously, we end up in deep trouble. The addiction is very strong, it fills every min in our life, and healing requires enormous effort. Our physical body is getting  used to the chemicals that our ingected due to addiction injecting directly to our body, or inducing the body to secrete into the blood stream. Without it we feel mental and physical unpleasant. We are becoming slaves of our own habits.

Now we feel the suffer. Actually what really happens is that the addiction is  accentuating the mistakes, trying to bring into light unresolved issues, and shows the consequences sharply. The addiction brought into the surface (conscious), our subconscious problems. This is allowing us to heal our deepest problems, correct our way, and return to our true path. Addiction in my mind actually have very positive role.

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