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Fighting Is Destructing

November 7, 2012

Eventually when we awake and understand that this is real and mighty addiction, the first reaction is fight!

Fighting in my opinion is grave mistake. Fighting can continue endlessly. We cannot win.

Why? the addiction is part of us, it is actually the same entity that strive to disembark the stranglehold and choking at the same time. When we think that we are stronger and can fight the addiction, the addiction is actually stronger as well.

When one day we think that we gave the addiction death strike, we find it alive and kicking in the next day.

It is because each time we hit the addiction we give it our energy. It grows.

As in the outer world, as in our inner world, war only leads to further violence.

Fighting will leave you tired empty and defeated. The sooner you understand this, the less suffer you are going to have.

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