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First Step – Self Inquiry

November 7, 2012

As first step to find the way out of addiction, it is wise to trace the way in.

What made you start the addiction in the first place? is it fear? is it shame? is the helpless feeling? is it a way out of abusing? is it low self esteem?

Find the original cause. The specific events that prepared the ground for the addiction, might be above the conscious level at this stage – because it happened in early childhood or even earlier, or because of sheer self repression. However you can always know which passion the addiction is fulfilling.

How can you find it? meditate.

Meditation sounds complicated, however there are many levels of meditation. In the beginning you can only close your eyes and think on this single issue peacefully. Inquire why do you fall again and again? What is the exact subjectfeeling that is so attractive for you? what are you gaining beside the misery?

Sometime we need an external help to reveal our hidden problems. There are many good people that can help you read your own problems. The helper can be a shaman, spiritual teacher, psychologist, Buddhist monk, or any other experienced healer. In my opinion it is prefared to keep few rules when getting external help:

1) Stay conscious – hypnotism can be dangerous as it turn off your conscious control and get a direct access to the subconscious.

2) Walk your own path and don’t let anybody or any entity make you do something against your own will and feelings.

3) The sessions should be focused. In some cases many sessions shows that the practitioner is searching blindly for your problem.

4) Reasonable price – exaggerated price shows that the practitioner is using the treatment for making money rather than helping people.

5) Last and most important – you must feel in your heart that the healer is the right one for you and you fully trust him.

You can have several session (alone or with help of a healer) on this issue until you get the answer. There must be an answer, you are seduced by some kind of a compulsion. It can even be necessity of chemical in your blood.

Find the reason.

Finally, I highly recommend – find your path, your most precious goals in this world.

finding this may require long journey and substantial efforts, however its worthwhile. It will be tremendous help for you in the future.

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