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Forth Step – Timing Is Everything

November 7, 2012

Now, after self inquiry forgiveness and acceptance,  you can really get down to business.

The addiction will try to seduce, tempt, annoy you all the time. Wherever you go, you see a flashing sign that calls you:”Come and have little fun, its OK, its only for few minutes, come!”.

Most of you already knows that their are no short sessions. You practice your addiction for few minuets, and it becomes few hours, days and months.

The best time to stop the addiction is before it started, and it is always starting with a thought.

Be vigilant and ready. When the thought comes this is your chance. This is the timing. The challenge is right in front of you. This annoying thought is your golden opportunity to grow. Be happy that you caught the opportunity, cherish and respect it.

When the thought just raised, the impulse is still weak, the energy of the thought can be re-directed. However, if you choose to “ride” on this thought, and start thinking on the addiction subject, the “rewards” carried by the addiction, you are going into slippery slope. The thought gains enormous energy.

When the thought just begun its tiny stream in the field, put a little send pile in its way, and you can turn it to totally different direction. Wait a few minuets and ponder in the addiction subject a bit, and suddenly the tiny stream is becoming great rushing river. For turning this river to another direction now you need to build a dam and dig a canyon.

Seize the moment when the thought appears!


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