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Third Step – Accept The Root Cause

November 7, 2012

Your self inquiry led you to find the cause of addiction (if you skipped posts please read this blog from the beginning in chronological order).

Whatever the cause was, accept it with open arms. Even if it seems evil cause, it is part of you, you must accept it. Know that each one of us has many desires in our heart. Not all of them are nice, not all of them are moral. However they are inside us, part of us, we cannot deny them and we need to accept that we have such part.

Accept the urge\passion\cause with open heart, meditate on this. Acceptance does not mean you need to practice the addiction derived by this cause. It only says that you recognize that this is part of you.

Imagine that this cause\passion\urge is entering your loving heart and accepted with love. It is part of you.

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