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Seventh Step – Envisage

If you need this technique it is a sign that all previous techniques failed, or you failed to catch the addiction-thought at the beginning.

Don’t despair, better late than never, try this powerful technique: envisage the future. What is going to happen if you continue with your addiction? you already know the suffering that awaits you. You already know that practicing addiction once make it much more difficult to heal it in the future. On the other hand envision what you can do with your time instead. Your true goals in life waiting for you.

Use this motivation, and practice the methods described for stopping the addiction.

It is Within Your Reach!!!

You can do it. You are powerful enough. You have sublime goals much more important than wasting your time & energy.

You can leave behind this addiction and start a new path. Many did it before.

Your addiction was just your steering sign to let you return to your real goal.

It served you well, you can start the long journey back, climbing out.

Thank you for reading this.

I wish you joy and fruitful life!